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Why Every Couple Should Go for Premarital Counseling?

Marriage, just like any other institution presupposes an unwavering strategy and methodology to improve its odds of sustenance. It is a special bond that makes two individuals learn to accept each other’s flaws and refuse to give up on each other. Creating a solid groundwork is not an easy feat; it necessitates love, trust, and commitment. Though marriage in India is fundamentally important, we are witnessing a great rise of domestic abuse and divorce cases over the last two decades due to improper addressing of conflicts or disagreements. Individual differences between couples often result in troublesome corollaries in the institution of marriage upon which the family as well as the society is moulded. The perception of marriages in India has deviated to take another dimension and its high time to give proper 
premarital education for girls and boys at a marriageable age. By easing the couple to acquire and build the skills that will benefit them to stay together and live their desired life, a marital guidance programme gives the couple a golden opportunity to know the other half much better by helping the soon to be spouses to evaluate their relationship. It helps to make better communications between the partners and set future realistic goals together with affording them to get an idea on how to accept and enjoy the differences. The primary aim of premarital counseling sessions in Kerala is to provide a roadmap as well as a strategic blueprint that establishes indispensable criteria for a successful marriage. As we all are imperfect, it may not be an easy task to identify our weakness that could cause trouble later.

          A good marriage guidance programme enables matrimonial brides and grooms to understand the challenges, uncertainties and discords and thereby guide them to establish a strong, stable, and healthy relationship. It is the lack of proper resolution that results in most marriages ending in divorce. Conflicts or disagreements, even on minor issues can eventually lead to marriage dissolution. It’s a common tendency for couples to overlook the issues and react instead of responding in a healthy manner. An experienced marital guidance expert or family therapist can introduce young people have adequate knowledge on most important topics like communication, overcoming past issues, future goals, family relationships, finance and money managements, career and professional preferences, spirituality, beliefs, values, and ethics, managing conflicts, parenting and family planning, professional help for domestic abuse or exploitation, pets, intimacy, and other preferences along with some other least discussed topics like depression, dissatisfaction, anger management, decision making, affection, time spent together, mental health, managing the household chores, expectations, priorities and life goals and so on. A proper knowledge as well as the ability to understand and comprehend the plans and habits of your other half can benefit you to create a healthy and long-lasting relationship. It not only renders an opportunity to confront the big issues, but also assists the bride and groom to plan and manage the future realistically. Only the right professional hands could assist you to set and accomplish respective goals. So proper care should be taken to join only with the right premarital counseling sessions that help you to discuss your expectations and set up healthy and prosperous marital goals.

          Experienced counselors can alleviate the couple to open and speak freely the personal issues that we normally hesitate to share. More than providing a safe and confidential ambiance to share our personal matters without making individuals nervous or insecure, they enable the couple to gain self-confidence to grip even the toughest times of their lives. Understanding is not just a word – it’s not limited. You are supposed to spend the rest of your life with your spouse. Hence it is much more essential to get a good life than a life full of adjustments and compromises. A good counselor won’t judge or make you inferior rather than leading you to the right path in the future. Proper marital guidance is indeed a bliss that equips couples with the right source of information about what and what not to expect in the ambiguous realm of matrimony. Would-be brides and grooms must approach premarital counseling sessions in a positive manner. It teaches you almost each and everything you need to live your life to the fullest with your loved one. It is the best gift you can give yourself as a sort of self-pampering.

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