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Premarital Counseling: A Real Lifesaver


          Indians put a great deal of value into having a happily ever after that connects the married couples for a lifetime. Even though the idea of weddings that harmonise two beautiful souls for ultimate eternity has radically changed throughout the years, it continues to receive a great deal of thought and consideration. No matter how much you know the soon to be spouse, or how long you’ve been together, most couples may not feel that comfy to get ready for the nuptials and undoubtedly entail a resolution that they can rely on. There comes the relevance of a premarital counseling session given by professional family counselors, counselors or therapists solely aimed to help couples in preparing for marriage. It’s a preparatory therapy provided by experts to enable couples to establish a positive bond towards the partner that will sustain to create a better foundation for the union. There are several free marital guidance courses in Kerala afforded by relationship experts to cater the needs of couples of any gender, ethnicity, or religion. It enables couples to restore joy and marital satisfaction by letting them recognize and resolving conflicts or disagreements and subsequently averts couples from mounting serious concerns at some point. Researchers have pointed out the effectiveness of marital counseling for young adults that works on bridging the gap in relationships.

          Most of the top premarital counseling in Kerala as well as family and marriage counseling or relationship education centres is an influential hand or life savers that aids couples to reshape their life and become a better version of themselves. A solid relationship requires conviction, commitment, endurance, and a lot of effort. Qualified premarital counseling experts with ample expertise let couples in specifying their hopes and outlooks so that they can sieve out the reality that is rather diverse from expectation. More than a stress reliever, they also aid in identifying the marriage prospects and resolving any substantial disagreement the couple may have. Though marital guidance programmes are gaining prominence in most parts of the world, these sessions are underutilized as many see this as not their cup of tea while many folks in general don’t have direct access to attend these educational sessions. The great pandemic strike made certain relationship education centres all over the world have reaped benefits of technology and the web. The effect can be seen in our state too. There are a few online premarital counseling centres in Kerala powered by many conjugal groups aside from local congregants to ease young people’s awareness on the value and meaning of marriage. They are readily accessible at the convenience of couples.

          Counseling sessions are an actual way to upsurge marital satisfaction ensuing in overall enhancement of relations in our societies. Dissatisfaction in relationships, conflicts, or troubles that later pave the way for dissolution of marriage, separation or even leading to abuse is on the rise. In fact, relationship education programmes should be conducted for young adults from an early age as it provides enrichment of nurturing relationships. Relationship education programmes which seem to be effective in strengthening marriage have evidently been shown to be useful. It concentrates on improving and enhancing relationships over a long term. With the help of an expert, it can even mend a damaged relationship. Not every single session or experts follow the same curriculum. Some sessions will be deployed with questionnaires, forums, slide presentations, open discussions, and it varies according to the course. The primary function of a marital counseling course is to enable couples to feel themselves as a team and work on it to establish a firm and solid relationship by improving communication and conflict management skills, making them understand and accept the core values along with the differences, and approach the other one accordingly. Overall, it acts as a powerful tool that helps your partner to accept and recognize the other one and focus on building the foundations for a positive life together.

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